Friday, May 22, 2009

floating alien cows


woke up sweating. it was about 30 degrees this second morning. desire for a long, cold shower was immense. hiked up the 2 flights of stairs and waited for the shower to be free. amidst the wonderful natural springs washing away all claminess, the water turned off. i believe it was turned off for the next few hours.

dave and i then hit the streets for some food. dove into a small italian joint called the black knght. it was decorated as if it was fit for some sleazey kings, but kings nonetheless.

hit kensington market and little italy nearly all day. kensington is like a mix between china towns atmosphere and granville island quality of products. its super cheap and crowded.

more burritos were had.

saw the floating design building at OCAD, what the fuck! its amazingly odd. its like the japanese got hold of a cow, put it in a rectangular box to grow took it out hiked it up on stilts 8 stories in the air, hollowed it out and injected art students into it.

made chili for ourselves and the rest of the house. started to watch garden state when we were invited out to a bar in the neighbourhood. dave and i were beat, but he offered to pay, couldnt refuse. at the bar we sat next to a drunk hispanic guy who kept talking about white power, skinheads, and metal music. apparently hes got my back.
got back and finally slept at 500 am.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The condom companies know the fate of the world.

For the BLog: Day the first.

On a fold-out bed located in Port Coquitlam I spent my last hours in B.C. Those were terrible hours, let me tell you. but i wont. So, with hardly any sleep Jim comes down the stairs and I realize its 4:30 am, soon after Jeff shows up seemingly awake and full of energy, which I was not. A slice of meager ... is that the right word?? of meager toast, slimly peanut butter, and wonderful jam was had . Sooner than I had time to even think about anything Jim was driving, possibly in the rain, but my memory is fuzzed, to music which was Jeffs, and was quite tolerable, but i would never download it, and off we went towards the airport, no words were shared, the entire time I was convinced I had forgotten everything i needed, and when we got there they would be really disappointed at how much work would have to be done to acquire what be needed. We did make it however, and the flight was awful yet exciting at the same time. I remember falling asleep while on the plane and having a dream part day dream of this young girl who was supposedly to be on the flight we were on but supposedly had missed it, and indeed she was not on the plane but was kidnapped by corrupt Vancouver Airport officials who heard of her traveling on her own, and no one would know. I almost wish I never thought these thoughts, but they were very prevailing at the time...

finding the bus which was to take us to downtown Toronto wasn't hard at all. It came quickly, and wasn't the least bit crowded. The next half-hour was spent looking at maps, pretending to understand locations, and talking to a black man, this distinction is for detail purposes only, and soon we were at the Subway. In my mind, my faulty memory, this subway building is seen as a huge large glass building, with many tired, old, mostly black people sitting splattered about on the various benched in and out of this huge larger building. The subway it self ran on both sides and were segregated trains operated by humanoids in uniform. In the sections between the trains were doors that could be opened and were not locked, which enabled one to jump between the trains, this of course is illegal and should only be done in emergency... Finally we reached our cross over point to the other subway system, but we failed and took an land-train type thing instead which took us to where we wanted to go anyways. On a mission for food and a hostel I opened my black book and found a restaurant in it named Burrito Boyz, there we went and had steak burritos, steak from beef which was raised in horrible, slave like for animal conditions. That place had amazing burritos. I recommend it. After the mastication and consumption process, we left. Out side, Jeff said "hello!" I had no idea. Hey! she said, the girl Jeff said Hi to is Alison, we were planning on meeting up with her eventually but had no idea if she was even in the city, and it was insane that we met up with her, and now have a free stay. anyways. after we met them, them being her friend also named Alison, we went to where she sometimes stays and bought beer and relaxed, at this point I was exhausted. The place where she sometimes stays has a name and is called the Mud House, occupied by transgender vegans with no jobs. No, thats a lie, but is also the truth. They are very cool people there, and, well, ya. not everyone is vegan, or transgender, or jobless, but as a general means, this is a good one. later, We ended up going to sneak into an abandoned/under construction church and climbing sturdy ladders to the very top of the bell tower and roof. Inside the bell tower was most interesting. On all four sides was eyes, and there was a shadow from some unknown light source which created very obvious masonic symbols around these eyes, the all seeing eye. Very ominous. kind of. maybe, who knows anything about the free masons anyways. Thats it for now. Its the 3rd day really, but im tired, I will write more later. The second day wasn't as interesting anyways, we just watched a movie, garden state, and had chili.


masonic church


Got off the plane and hit the rocket express downtown. i like comparing transit from different cities. the subway is really wide, quiet. Its like lines of mating bugs.  Randomly met up with Allison who I met in Vancouver who we were going to stay with a few days after arriving. Met at Burrito Boys, they grill their burritos here, and they are way better than any burrito i've ever had. we are staying at a place called the mud house. its a hippy community of really nice people, food share program and they open their doors to any traveler. the houses here are really old and made of brick.  we later in the night snuck into an abandoned first adventist church. it was completely gutted, old bricks laid askew in-between shadows from the stained glass windows. we climbed to the top of the bell tower and took in the view of the city below. the windows and the shadows of the building at night created the all seeing eye which was beyond a fluke, this had to be planned. we slept outside on the roof top patio, and awoke dry to the sound of church bells and morning birds.