Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

aliens in the head

south for texas. entered fort bliss, the military compound, high concrete walls with barbed-wire line the highways as we pass little green figurines, that stand out in the tan landscape, lined up, firing amidst shooting ranges. This pattern continues for some time.
soon enough we leave all forms of civilization, where the street sign announce the next major town some 800 miles away, and we drive along a stretch of road flat, empty, like a brown moon, a feeling and picture I will not soon forget. Come across a Government Inspection site. a Coca-cola vending machine, trodden orange couch, bench-press machine and a bbq set up amidst this "no where". They are looking for illegal (mexican) immigrants and stop every car to search for them with a husky german shepard.
stop to urinate, the only privacy that can be obtained is by walking 10 feet into the open flatland away from the highway. Standing there, the top of my head, the highest peak for miles. A semi is approaching, you can see it miles and miles away, a white speck glistening off the tarmac. You only hear it once it passes.
For several hours, the only changing scenery were dustings of abandoned gas-stations, and motor-inns from the 40s and 60s.
We drive some 200 mph on the highway.

Make our descent into Carlsbad caverns some 750 feet underground into the "big room". Truly an astonishing site. It nailed the consideration that I still was far, far away from anything that resembled the pacific northwest, let alone, earth. So much can be said about this area, but nothing typed, or shown can amount to actually being there.

Made our way to Roswell, the site of the alien landing in the forties. Passed industrial towns with oil refineries in areas where one would expect a city hall, community center, or a park, that emitted large bursts of flames intermittently into the starred night sky. Arrived at our hotel, to find the commercials on tv were concerning people who tore away at their face revealing themselves as extraterrestrials, and flipped to a south park episode about aliens appearing on interstate 84 and taking all the jobs away from the citizens of south park. Roswell is off interstate 84. The woman at the front desk of the hotel, was too, an alien, as she was far to nice to be a human.