Tuesday, January 10, 2012

so i wanted to go to a sauna and do some swimming here in Boston, and found out there aren't any recreational centers, only gyms and the ymca. so i signed up for a membership at the ymca - being that it is cheaper. I arrived late last night to a huge, old building, circa like 1780's, many meandering canals, rusted doors, a basement pool, dark nooks and crannies everywhere - the whole experience was like that out of a horror film. so after this old 80 year old security guard with white, slicked-back hair on a leathery, stained, taut face, wearing a tight green tweed costume showed me which lockers work out of all the broken ones, I wanted to go into the sauna. I changed and went in to find this black man stretched out on the top step with nothing on but a little white rag covering what should not be seen in public, and beside him, an opened bottle of vaseline. I was a gaff at what my mind was assuming was happening here, so I sat at the opposite end, where all the cool air was seeping through the door while I had one eye open to spot any dangerous moves. After some time going in and out of the sauna and lap pool, where swim caps are mandatory, I unearthed the secret to the vaseline can. The man applies it all over his body to block his pours, aiding him to sweat profusely.

Monday, January 9, 2012

From Erin Marranca's blog"

Metaphors for Life

I watched you fall asleep. At first you were cute,
but then your mouth was open
& you were snoring.