Saturday, June 20, 2009

give me a minute

i have just disturbed the worlds largest beehive.

Friday, June 19, 2009

librarian the savior

so we hung out in the library at the university laval until we were kicked out at closing time. we were going to resort to the hotel across the way and spend a few hundred dollars on it. we walked to the desk and asked the librarian if she knew of any cheap hotels in the area, as all hostels were booked in quebec city. she informed us of lavals residence. apparently you can stay in the university for alot cheaper than any hostel, anywhere. so we stayed in the residencey of the university and cooked ramen in the huge 25 stove communal kitchen. there was an amazing old elevator with a lever that you got to use! and there were students everywhere.
caught our rideshare to montreal, picked up my amtrak ticket at granaventure metro and now in the grand bibliotheque killing time, and waiting for another place to stay.
i leave tomorrow at 930 am, it is a 10.5hr train ride to penn station. i am staying in a hostel in the chealsea district.
dave bought his greyhound ticket to winnipeg where he will be hitchiking to calgary after a few days there.
i have been with dave everyday, nearly every minute for the passed month or more. it is going to be strange to be on my own again, especially in nyc. however, i am glad that when we depart there is a long refreshing travel ahead of us.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

reading lavals sticky lips

spent most of the day hitchiking slugging around the on ramps with our thumbs out. it sucked. we didnt get a ride. we walked underneath the bridge when a guy (a highschool science teacher) picked us up and drove us to a car share program. he asked us for something to smoke i gave him some french cigarettes i bought solely for the purpose of some form of exchange. he evidently wanted grass, but took the cigarettes anyhow. he was really cool. hes never been outside of quebec, probably mid fourties, speaks alot of english, and even talked about how he is looking into teaching in coquitlam!
anyway long story short, we missed our rideshare, and now we are stuck in laval university (in this really horrible and drab suburb of quebec), after ditching a taxi that we couldn`t pay for, looking for a cheap hotel, or asking a student if they know of any places, its starting to rain, everything is closed, no one speaks english (although this one lady did but she was deaf and only read lips) our backs hurt and everything is just fucking funny.

but on the goodside, we have a ride tomorrow to montreal at 1030, and we are not going to miss this.

L`Armèe du salut

spent the day relaxing in some parks. saw really old churches being brought down with destruction balls, wondered around with our huge bags from hostel to hostel to find out everything was booked, and no replies on couchsurfing. we then turned down a street to find a salvation army, or a L`Armèe du salut. Free night stay. Put our stuff in their locker, walked around the old walls, ate an amazing meal, i figured out an amazing meal, not just a filling one, but truely wonderful is around $20. Its once you reach over $12 when things get really good. watched the sun set on top of a huge wall over looking the lower city. Thinking about my trip.
Got back to the army before curfew to hear about 13 men snoring at such a deep reverberating bass it rumbled your insides.

awoke went to the library (where we are now) to get an email from caitlin saying its 93 degrees in kansas city right now with a humidity index of 103. im going to hell.

I just bought my train ticket to new york.
what am i doing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hitchiking hot dogs, a recipe for lysteria.

quick discourse if you are interested.
yan picked us up around midnight from a hostel that we were going to stay at. he picked us up in a convertible that was blaring really bad techno music, beside him was a lady who didnt say anything the entire ride. he drove us around the city really fast, smiling at people in cars beside us.

stayed with a lady who i think secretly hated us, and thought we stole her pillow cases.

stayed with this guy who was pretty sickly who said that if he ate anything spicey he would poop blood. there were hundreds of pictures in his room, some of them were pictures of him in a hospital, once when he had lysteria, the other pnemonia. he was really nice however, he gave us budweiser.

we hitchiked into quebec city. it only took 5 hours, considering it is about a 3 hour drive. we were in a total of four automobiles. driving on the number 20 there was a massive storm ahead of us (i have never seen so much sky at one time- it is so flat!) huge ominous black clouds were a few kilometers east, as we stood on the highway under the blazing sun. huge fork lightning, rumbling thunder and rain that disguised any perspective possible with a brown-black haze.

got into quebec at 20:00 and met up with nicolas our host for couchsurfing. he lived in this huge old brick building. we then went to a bar down these tiny lanes were there was free pool and food. the guy behind the bar apparently has different recipes everyday. todays menu was hot dogs on toast. the only customer other than us was a man who ordered a coffee and stood staring at the wall with a goatee that was long and braided. he looked like he just got out of jail. he sat there for at least an hour, as we ate the plate of toast, cheese and hotdogs. we then asked the bartender about him, apparently he visits the bar a few times per night ordering coffee and using the toilet.

we met up with bex and gabe yesterday. finally after one month human contact. we drank beer on top of the wall looking over the city. the city is beautiful, and really old. however, i have never seen so many tourist buses, field tripping children, old rich couples, and role playing attractions at tourist sites. the bugs are insane, walls of bugs makes the sky look like static from the tv. chateu frontnac is amazing, this doesnt look anything like canada.

we are again out of a place to stay.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

all i care about is the past and the present

going to quebec city tomorrow.
will catch up with the last post to now. 
heres a preview.
midnight drives in convertibles, loud horrible techno music, the ghetto, car theives, the best bagels, robotic movie theatres in individual pods, the largest outdoor market, beer in the streets, murals on the floor, people watching (some are really strange).

i am heading to nyc after quebec city. train to chicago. catching a bus to kansas city for one dollar to  meet with caitlin, then seeing st. louis, train to the west, maybe california, then home. 
dave is hitchiking home after quebec city to calgary to see his family.

according to spell check in montreal, every word of this document is spelled incorrectly.