Saturday, December 12, 2009

both my feet are asleep.

i am sitting on the floor, in an empty room that was mine. every key i touch echoes off these white walls, its completely empty. theres people yelling in hebrew downstairs in between mouthfuls of latkes and kosher wine. they are celebrating hanukkah.
i am in between lives, in a dead space. the old is growing sour and is quickly expiring with every bash of the hebrew hammer, the new is inevitable, but perhaps not desirable. it seems like a cobweb den of staleness, one that i will hunker into to escape nuclear attacks without any distractions of the outside world.
this last morning in my old space, i woke with four, (three on my arm, and one on my neck), spider bites, so much for the chesnuts. maybe its a sign. if there is one thing i am happy to escape from, its these god damn carbuncles that i periodically get over my body from such arachnids.
anyway, good bye south sun, sticking my head out of the window while showering, having a living room in my bedroom, secretly not having bought toilet paper, a solarium (however frigid in these winter months), stairs, a mentally-ill neighbor who screams about hamburgers and cutting off penises in chinese at all hours of the night, elaborate colored walls, having a pig in the basement named jim, and my roommates, who are now graduated with honors in math and who are pulling through a severe breakup.
good bye.