Thursday, October 15, 2009

Point Roberts, WA

One day in Point Roberts

western hijabs

The Hijabs of Port Moody.

Casinos have higher payout rates

some possible screenplays and characters I made up:

The nicotine-stained blinds were swaying in the dark, moonlit night in a small town in Oklahoma; it doesn't really matter where. Peg reached into the anatomically correct heart shaped ceramic dish which housed some spearmints that she collected from Italian restaurants, spare buttons, hand-change, and pulled out the keys to her dark brown Buick. She made it to the door, ran her fingers through he hair and checked her breast pocket for her cigarettes and stepped outside. The sound of crickets engulfed her, she could think of nothing else, until she saw the moon. A large, white full moon was beaming down at her. She lit a cigarette and smiled as she felt her way through the dark to her car, knowing full well that at Silver Dollar City, the casino where she was to spend the rest of her night had higher payout rates on days where the moon was full; the moon emanating a silver dollar in the sky. As she was driving down the dirt road, she was thinking of the sound of coins hitting metal in between two gray-haired women playing two machines at once, when she saw what she thought was two silver coins coming straight for her car, head on. As they approached she heard the honking of a freight truck.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

epileptic moons

some possible screenplays and characters I made up:

Harry loves television, he gets home from work and sets himself up for the love of his day. His conversations with coworkers are about what he's heard on it, his mannerisms are borrowed from it, he shares his life with it, he's married to it: television. One night he was flipping through the channels, stopped at the news who were saying its a full moon tonight, then Harry changed to the shopping channel who were selling a Sylvia Plath Easy Bake Oven. Harry reached for his new red rotary telephone to order the oven, he stood up and walked to the window knowing he would grow restless being on hold, and peeled open the blinds letting in the moonlight. He dropped to the floor clenching his teeth, foaming like a broken dandelion. Harry was having a serious epileptic seizure brought upon by the full moon. He was slipping in and out of consciousness while the woman on the shopping channel was slicing into a fresh, moist chocolate cake.

Sunday, October 11, 2009