Sunday, July 26, 2009

always fresh always pessimistic

Spent the passed few days with my uncles Chris and Doug. Seattle was a buffer zone between living and life. What I had been experiencing and what I have experienced. Its the closest city to home without being home. Except for this: debating if Barak Obama is american or not. Anyway, the air was familiar, but somehow seemed more sweet and sea like, it was dry and cool; strangely perfect. At night there was sunsets, but what followed wasn't swarms of mosquitoes, june bugs, cicadas, or any other "pestilence," it just turned to a muted, noiseless and dry night. No diversity, nothing new. I welcomed the pine trees, the coffee shops, the smell of bonfires mixed with the ocean. Squeezed out the last bit of authentic mexican food possible, got some used books and records and relaxed as I acclimatized. 3 days later I boarded the last move of my trip, bus 8900 to vancouver bc. "the best place on earth"? fuck.

upon arrival I went into a notorious Canadian chain cafe to use their washroom. Beside the toilet, under the halogen light, almost spot lighten, was a syringe, and I knew that I was back in Vancouver, or rather Main and Hastings. Have spent the past days with my parents where in the living room 3 fans are circulating hot air around the room. These fans seem to follow oneself into the more bestowed rooms to make sure air is blown every which way. I guess we're in a heat wave. Huge storm hit vancouver, which I have never seen here before, but it had nothing on the ones I was in on my travels. What was funny is that they were at the same time as the festival of lights.

I need one more day of non-existing before I return to what I left 72 days ago.
I am going to hunt for the changes that may have taken place while I was away.

Oh did you know Tim Hortons loves New York City! fuck
Macleans magazine voted us the number one city in canada, fuck.
The olympic commitee suggests making visitors feel welcome by using "a badge, name tag or country's flag pin to identify the languages your front-line staff speak." fuck.
If translik can't get $450 million extra per year the evergreen line will be a bailout, fuck.

The many, many pictures that were taken will start to be seen come august. So check back then.