Monday, August 6, 2012

Top things I will miss in New England (part 1):

  • somewhat trashy, but unique accents of MA & NJ 
  • abandoned scratch tickets and one-shot plastic "nip" containers scrambled in gutters and under shrubbery that camouflage as fall foliage.
  • the sound of the hole-punch being fired on the commuter rail as the conductor makes their way down the train putting 8-9 holes in each person's ticket. 
  • being awoken to construction workers talking about their drunken night out & getting laid a mere foot from my sleeping head. 
  • lying in bed naked sweating in 99 degree weather. 
  • the amount of old cemeteries. 
  • lightning, electrical storms, and thunder. 
  • our jungle of a backyard.
  • bunny.
  • the double wave lady with a skin blemish who sits in front of her house daily, three houses down from an old man with ray-bans who calls us "gentlemen."
  • the rotating and seemingly endless supply of pizzas and beers on the top shelf of our fridge that accumulates several centimeters of water each night.
  • watching black ants carrying ant casualties over my foot to an unknown, unforeseen location. 
  • dunkin donuts turbo shot, my new wicked jam. 
  • giant dead moths at the foot of our bed killed and brought to us as a present by fancy, our cat. 

....more to come.