Tuesday, September 7, 2010

after one week of working everyday, full time, i developed a corn on my ring toe (that is the fourth from the big toe.) To diagnose the corn, I turned to the internet and found the following information quite absorbing.

Islamic callus, aka prayer bump, third eye, or a "zebibah" which translates into raisin. A callus that has gathered after years of praying in the most devote, older, Muslim's forehead. The cause is the repeated friction between the forehead and the prayer mat, as Muslims pray more than five times in one day, meaning their forehead makes contact at least 34 times per day, or over one million times in their lifetime.

alopcia universalis: A man, who was very, very tanned came into my work and I just stared at him. I couldn't figure out why I found him so interesting to look at, until I realized he had no hair. No eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hairs, no hair at all. Is "why?'s" album called alopcia?

Sarah Palin is set to give a talk in Vancouver, part of her American Rogue tour, tickets are set at $500 dollars each.

Trichotillomania, is where you pull out you obsessively pull out you hair.

Whole Foods offers staff discounts based on their employees body mass index, where the thinner you are the bigger your staff discount. If you are a smoker you are automatically set in the bottom bracket of bronze, and if you are an athlete you are in the platinum category and get the biggest discount, sometimes up to 50% off. Just eat the pretzels while you pretend to shop.