Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aint - Bad

A little tid-bit of a feature in this weeks Aint - Bad Magazine. Check it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Street Light Interference Phenomenon (SLI)

Street light interference, or SLI, is an alleged ananomalous phenomenon where a person seems to turn off (or sometimes on) street lights when passing near them.

Although street lights can turn off by chance, cycling (turning on and off repeatedly) at the end of their life cycle, believers in street light interference tend to claim that is happens to them personally on a regular basis, more frequently than chance would explain. Some propose paranormal explanations for SLI, sometimes on scientific terminology, such as the explanation that electrical impulses in their brain interfere with the workings of electric lights.

Many times they do report, that it occurs with specific lamps and not just randomly shutting off street lights or electrical lamps in general.

Evans, Hilary, The SLI Effect, [Frome] : ASSAP, 1993.

This used to happen to me on Inverness St, where I grew up as a teenager, multiple times while walking home really late at night. The same street lights would go off when I entered their field of light, and I would think to myself that I was going to be "taken" by something uknown. I didn't know others experienced it. I thought it was the product of whatever I was smoking.